Northern Michigan hot air balloon rides
Weather and Safety

Balloon flights take place weather permitting.  Our main weather issue is wind speed and that is why flights are scheduled at the calmer times of the day.  We prefer wind speeds less than 10 miles per hour.  Since balloons are carried by the wind, launch sites are chosen based on wind direction at the time of the flight.  On the day of your flight, the pilot receives a detailed FAA weather briefing prior to your flight and the final fly/no-fly decision is made based on reports and forecasts at that time. The only reason the flight will not take place at the time you schedule is in the event of unfavorable weather conditions.  Occasionally, flights may be cancelled at the launch site if your pilot determines the weather is not favorable at the time of take-off.  Regardless, if weather is not suitable on the scheduled day, your flight will be rescheduled at your convenience, depending on availability.


Since there is inherent risk in all activities beyond those encountered in daily life, each passenger is required to sign a waiver acknowledging the risks associated with participation in this ballooning experience and including the individual assumption of responsibility for engagement in this activity.

Proper Attire

It is not any colder in the balloon than it is on the ground.  It may even be warmer in the balloon than on the ground due to lack of wind chill factors (since the balloon travels with the wind) and temperature inversions which are common in the morning.  To get the most enjoyment from your flight, dress in layers as you would for any outdoor activity and be sure to wear sturdy, flat-soled shoes.  No open-toed sandals or flip-flops allowed.  You may bring a camera, of course, but please remember they are the responsibility of the owner.  Space in the basket is limited, so purses and backpacks must remain in the chase vehicle.