Hot air balloon rides in Northern Lower Michigan

Up, up and away! Hot air ballooning in Northern Michigan.

The Adventure

Imagine lifting gently toward the clouds as your cares fall away.  A blast from the burner interrupts the peace for just a moment.  Distant hills and lakeshores are revealed as you slowly rise above the treeline.  For about an hour, you drift on silent breezes over area farms, forests and watersheds.  Your pilot maneuvers the balloon to different altitudes, perhaps ascending to heights over 2000 feet where you will enjoy breathtaking views of our northern Michigan landscape or perhaps floating near treetops, dipping down to view deer or to skim the surface of a lake.  Upon landing, we are joined by the crew who have followed our journey in the chase vehicle.  Your Adventure Flight is topped off with the traditional Champagne Celebration and the memories of a lifetime are shared during the drive back to our launch site.

The Flight

Our custom balloon accommodates up to four passengers (averaging 150 pounds each) plus the pilot.  Flights are scheduled in advance at sunrise and sunset each day.  We meet just before sunrise for morning flights and three hours before sunset for evening flights.  Flights take place weather permitting and last approximately one hour in flight, depending on fuel needs and availability of landing sites.  You will need to allow at least three hours for your participation.  We provide the faithful crew who assist in inflation, follow along in the chase vehicle throughout the flight and greet us upon landing.  Following a quick pack-up of the balloon, we all share in the post-flight celebration which includes a continental breakfast in mornings and hors d’oeuvre evening flights.

If you would like to catch a glimpse of just what our hot air balloon flights are like, please check out our video.